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Transmutable Privacy Statement

Protecting your privacy is important to us. We hope the following statement will help you understand how Transmutable collects, uses and safeguards the personal information you provide to us on our site and through our software.

What this statement covers:

Web site information

While browsing the web site your web browser may be given a temporary cookie (a small sequence of characters) which is used solely to identify your browser to our server during a single browsing session. We do not send cookies which do not expire, and we do not share cookies with other sites.

If you fill out a technical support request form, a special offers form, or another form on the web site, we will use that information for the sole purpose of providing technical support or special offers as identified by the form. At no time will we share this information with third parties without your consent.

Mailing lists, email addresses

We are against spam. Transmutable will not knowingly send you email unless you have requested it by submitting a technical support request, subscribing to a Transmutable mailing list, or initiating direct contact with Transmutable via telephone or email.

To better support our customers, we update our support pages with answers to questions which have been asked through technical support. We will not share any identifying information about the person who asked the original question.

The process of purchasing software may include the transmission of email for information about your purchase such as a receipt, status of your order, and your registration number. While we think it is important to maintain as transparent a sales process as possible, we try to eliminate unnecessary email.

Transmutable strives to choose partner companies which do not spam. If you find that a partner company has spammed you in the process of doing business with Transmutable, please alert us to the problem so that we can stop them or find another vendor.

Public forums

Transmutable's public forums, wikis, and mailing lists may maintain public archives so that our community can share information. Any information which you submit to these forums will be available in a public form.


Through using our software you may initiate connections to third party servers to download information like map data or web pages. We make every effort to maintain your privacy during these transfers, and we do not send your personal information beyond that required by HTTP over TCP/IP (eg. your IP address) in those transactions.

While purchasing our software through third party services you will be required to enter your personal information such as name, address, telephone number, and credit card. In many cases we will receive only a subset of that information (eg. we do not handle credit card transactions directly) and we will not share that information. In most cases we will save only the information necessary to establish your registration should you need to do so.

Legal disclaimer

While we make every effort to preserve user privacy, when required by law (as through court order or other legal process) we will disclose personal information gathered through the web site or our software products.


All changes to our privacy statement will be published at this URL: http://transmutable.com/privacy.html

Privacy related inquiries

If you have any privacy related questions or issues, please write to us at elemental@transmutable.com or through channels listed on our contact page.